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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Gene editing toll CRISPER used first time on Human to treat lung cancer

This a first time use on humans suffering with cancer are injected with modified gene that program cell death by shutting off a gene responsible for programmed cell death (PD-1).
A gene editing tool CRISPER is used to edit gene on T lymphocytes that confer immunity against foreign pathogens foreign body and produce immunoglobulin that kill cancerous cells.
Editing gene will help to increase life of T Cells.
It is expected to work in an agonistic manner along with drug therapy and hope to get favorable results in treatment of metastatic cancer.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Orlistat Drug for Obesity

Is there any medicine available which can reduce weight or help in managing obesity fat reduction.

There is a drug available for treatment of obesity, which has given good results when combined with balanced diet, which consist of low fat or calorie.

Name of pharmaceutical substance is Orlistat, it act by inhibiting enzyme lipase in lumen of the stomach and prevent absorption of fat, unwanted unsaturated and saturated fat is not absorbed, which reduce the total fat absorbed from a meal or food. Orlistat also help in reducing incidence of development of type 2 diabetes by reducing the fatty mass in body that is responsible for resistance to insulin.

Drug must be used with caution in patient suffering from kidney disease liver disease.
Drug orlistat help in reducing about 5 to  7% of total body weight. which when combined with exercise and diet control helps in reducing weight.
Orlistat must be avoided in pregnancy, and in patient with hypersensitivity reaction in past.

Orlistat is found to be helpful in reducing chances of development of type 2 diabetes, by reducing fat absorption from food.

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