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Thursday, September 10, 2020

ViruSter Medical Novel Product For air decontamination with fogging

ViruSter Medical Best Quality Arial decontaminating agent. Usefull in aerial decontamination of Cinema Halls and Shopping Mall.

Why aerial decontamination of public place is required?

When Large number of people gathering in a close air-conditioned public place like shopping mall and Cinema Hall, there is a risk of having suspended novel Corona Virus (SARS-COV-2) particles the in air.

To decontaminate such viral contamination is air Virus Medical is powerful air decontaminating agent, it is perfectly safe and highly effective. When fumigated in the air it forms mist and spread in air, mixes with air.

After release in air, it releases hydrogen peroxide and silver ions in air, which are powerful in killing novel corona virus or any disease-causing microorganisms.

Viruster Medical is developed with novel technology to formulate hydrogen peroxide and silver ions together. Combination of silver ion with hydrogen peroxide makes this product very lethal for any sort of virus or bacterial contamination.

Does it leave any odour or any residue after use?

It does not leave any colour or odour after use.

Viruster Medical when fogged into air it releases hydrogen peroxide and silver ions the product leaves behind water molecules and silver ions which is in low concentration, so it does not give away any inherent colour of product since product by nature do not have or produce any coloration.

How to use Viruster Medical

Viruster Medical is required to fumigate in mist form by a suitable fumigation machine or a automiser machine or a sprayer. Fine mist is formed with fumigator.

What concentration of Viruster Medical is required for fumigation of Cinema hall or Shopping Mall.

20 ML of Viruster Medical is required to diluted to 100 ml with water just before fumigation and use this diluted liquid to fumigate area.

What should be frequency of fumigation?

Daily once in night and as and when required.

Precautions to be taken during use.

Avoid direct contact with hand, wear hand glows, nose mask, and protective gown during handling and use of product.





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