Saturday, February 12, 2022

RNA that make heart muscle stronger

Research on myocardium cells reveals protein which makes heart muscles weaker leading to heart failure. This protein can be blocked by RNA.

In an experiment in animal model rat, it is found that a protein is responsible for worsening of heart damage in patient affected with ischemic heart diseases and in stress condition. This protein is called as Brg1 protein which is found to be getting attached to DNA and halt synthesis of a RNA that codes for long myofibrils, the heart muscles cells which form heart muscle tissue, these long myofibrils make heart work strongly in event of stress situation.

Absence of long myofibrils is created by induction of protein Brg1 that blocks RNA coding for longer myofibrils. RNA is named as myheart, as they impart protection to heart muscles.
This new finding could one day used in treatment of ischemic heart diseases and congestive cardiac diseases where in heart muscles are weaker to pump desired volume of blood in given time period.
A treatment with RNA myheart can be developed in future to treat patient with weaker heart muscles preventing their heart failure.

Last updated: 25-Sep-2014 

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