Sunday, September 28, 2014

Brain tumor and Cellphone Raditaion

Using excessive cellphone might affect your health.
Cell phone emit non ionising electromagnetic radiation and it is advised by health care agencies worldwide that excessive use of cellphone and exposure of head  to cell phone radiofrequency may increase risk of development of brain tumor.

How electromagnetic radiation can be a reason for developing a brain tumor. Energy in the radiation emitted by a cellphone is quite more to affect cells. Electromagnetic radiation penetrate to deep in to cell and when they pass through genetic material of brain cell, it is likely that radiation may excite a base and a mutation may occur which is nothing but formation of cancer cell, this mutation leads to formation of a abnormal cell.

There is no direct evidence that a cell phone radiofrequency caused cancer, even though it is advised by health care agencies that its use in childrens under developing age must be minimised.

Which precautions should be taken to minimise exposure to cellphone electromagnetic radiation.

1) Use cellphone as much as possible with speaker one in hands free mode, avoiding direct contact with head.
2) Use a devices like blue tooth earphone.
3) Use landline phones as much as possible.


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