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Mr. Kuldip Amre: A Pharmacist on Innovative Path

Mr. Kuldip Amre. M.Pharm. (Bombay college of Pharmacy)
Director & Registered Pharmacist

eMedicineGalaxy Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Kuldip Amre, Master in Pharmacy from Mumbai University (Bombay College of Pharmacy) and Director & Registered Pharmacist at eMedicineGalaxy Pvt. Ltd. has innovated a newer concept in India of providing better care through patient consultation as community pharmacist, he is doing exact role of a pharmacist does in United States of America for providing better healthcare to patients.

In India practicing community pharmacy or the role of Pharmacist in real sense as it is practised here in United States of America is very difficult to practice, as the doctors and pharmacists are not fit in to one way loop system by law, doctors are not required to consult a Pharmacist for better drug prescription.

Mr.Kuldip Amre, comleted his B.Pharm and M.Pharm from Bombay Collage of Pharmacy Mumbai India. Following are details of his educational background.


A post-graduate in Pharmaceutical Science as well as in Marketing Management from renowned institutes with 17 years of experience in brand management (domestic & international), strategy planning, international business development & community pharmacy


2001                Masters in Marketing Management from Mumbai University (Wellingkar Institute)
1998                PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Business Management from Mumbai University (B.I.T)
1997                M. Pharm with distinction from Mumbai University (B.C.P.)

1995                B. Pharm with first class from Mumbai University  (B.C.P.)       


Þ Cleared all India entrance exam –Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and scored 95.97 percentile (41st rank across India); got the M. Pharm seat in B.C.P. (Bombay College of Pharmacy) on merit
Þ  All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Scholarship (academic years 1995- 1997 during completion of M. Pharm) 

Carrier Details.

Apr 13 – Till date         Director & Registered Pharmacist (eMedicineGalaxy Pvt. Ltd.)

Þ Developed a novel concept in pharma retail business emphasizing the role of community Pharmacist

Sep 11 – Mar 13           Asst. General Manager International Business (Indoco Remedies Ltd.)

Þ  Responsible for Business Development & Marketing for the regulated Markets of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand contributing INR 350 mio

Mar 09 – Aug 11       Business Development Manager – International Business / Sr. Marketing Manager (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd)

Þ  Responsible for business development projects, new product launches plan &  marketing activities in Africa and Middle East region contributing INR 200 mio (July 10  - Aug 11)

Þ Responsible for therapeutic segments – Antibiotics , Gastroenterologicals, stomato-/otologicals contributing INR 550 mio (Mar 09 – June 10)

Mar 08 – Mar 09           Marketing Manager (Mega Lifesciences – based in Ukraine)

Þ         Responsible for  therapeutic segments – Gastroenterologicals, Neurologicals, OTC  contributing 2.8 mio USD

Apr 02 – Feb 08           Product Manager / Group Product Manager (Bayer Schering Pharma)

Þ         Responsible for  therapeutic segment – Metabolic contributing INR 260 mio to the total sales

Aug 00 – Mar 02          Product Manager (FDC Limited)

Þ         Responsible for  therapeutic segments – Antibiotics , Nutraceuticals contributing INR 190 mio to the total sales

Aug’97 – Aug 00          Management Trainee / Product Executive

Þ         Brand Management experience in mid-sized Indian pharmaceutical companies (Mac Laboratories, Sigma Laboratories) with extensive exposure to fieldwork


In Indoco Remedies Ltd (Asst. General Manager – International Business)

Þ         Responsible for licensing & supply agreements in South Africa, Australia & NZ
Þ         Exploring Contract manufacturing and dossier sales opportunities in assigned territories
Þ         New Product selection through market research & market data.
Þ         Adding newer markets / clients from regulated market to improve overall sales from the region and utilization of plants using contract manufacturing model.
Þ         Project coordination with R&D and regulatory team for timely launch of new product in market. 
Þ         Actively involved in pricing and contract negotiations with clients

In Glenmark (Business Development Manager – International Business)

Þ         Preparing product grid for newer and existing markets in Africa-ME region with focus on South Africa, Middle East & Egypt
Þ         Creating & executing marketing and launch plans in a timely manner for new products. Additional responsibility of primary budget achievement for new product launches
Þ         Mid term strategic plan (3 yrs) for Africa & Middle East region
Þ         Coordination with regulatory team for meeting timelines for dossiers in Africa & Middle East region
Þ         Exploring co-marketing / in-licensing projects
Þ         Coordination for tech transfer in Egypt
Þ         Relationship building with KOLs, MOH Officials, Distributors
Þ         Ensuring proper coordination with country managers and with all internal departments to meet timelines for execution of in-house as well as in-licensing projects.

In Glenmark (Sr. Marketing Manager)

Þ         Identified key issues and planned innovative strategies to address them while leading a team of three brand managers & one marketing coordinator. The earlier struggling SBU started registering positive trend which was reflected in internal sales and in ORG, CMARC from Aug 09 till Sept 10
Þ         Successful revival strategies for power brands and growth drivers with resultant growth rate of above 40% per brand during my tenure.
Þ         Devised interesting communication campaigns for key brands. The print campaigns won awards under multiple categories at the prestigious event - The Rx club show held in New York.
Þ         Devised customized Customer relationship enhancing program with strong monitoring to ensure ROI
Þ         Identified potential molecules / technology for new product launch. The launch idea of Candid O ear drops promises to be a mega brand for the division
Þ         Overlooked sales operations (for transient period) along with marketing responsibility
Þ         Meritorious promotion to international marketing (core area of Glenmark) to handle business development projects in Africa and Middle East from July 10

In Mega Life sciences (Marketing Manager based in Ukraine)

Þ         Successfully managed the marketing portfolio and team of three brand managers  which ensured a surge of sales from 1.8 mio USD in 2007-08 to 2.8 mio USD in 2008-09
Þ         Formulated all round development strategies and prepared annual sales budget in line with the Annual Operating Plan
Þ         Structurized the warehouse management, tracking system to monitor ROI and optimal utilization of investment
Þ         Media planning for OTC brands – Livolin (hepatoprotector) , Ginsomin (Ginseng), Vitacap (multi-vitamins)
Þ         Special relationship building program for aptekas and pharmacists
Þ         Coordination with KOLs for brand campaigns
Þ         Major role in increasing noise level and performance of Mega Ukraine within the organization

In Bayer Schering Pharma (Group Product Manager)
Þ         Holds the distinction of successfully reviving the anti-diabetic brand Glucobay with 39% contribution to the total Bayer sales
Þ         Successfully countered the fierce competition from generics and other anti-diabetic molecules and developed the brand as the 7th biggest oral anti-diabetic brand in India
Þ         Direct Coordination with special Glucobay taskforce of 50 MRs responsible for 60% sales of the total anti-diabetic brand. Responsible for monitoring the doctor list and assessing the contribution from KOLs
Þ         Extensive fieldwork and CMEs conduction to develop strong bond with diabetologists and consulting physicians. Arranged VC with international KOL covering 730 Drs across 8 cities in 4 days
Þ         Headed coordination with the HQ (Germany) for strategies planning and overseeing smooth and swift coordination with local and global colleagues
Þ         Single-handedly coordinated with KOLs during local conferences (ESICON and RSSDI) and various international conferences (IDF-WPR, EmW, EASD)
Þ         Active participation in various company meetings and doctor conferences in international locations – Singapore, Hongkong, Bangkok, Leverkusen, Beijing , Shanghai and Colombo
Þ         Assisted the marketing head to handle derma and antibiotic portfolio
Þ         Assisted the international marketing team to develop strategies in Asia Pacific region for Glucobay. The anti-generics strategy implemented in India was appreciated and adapted in other countries
Þ         Selected member of the core management team to re-vamp Bayer Schering Pharma in India
Þ         Active participation in launching the Sri Lankan operations for Bayer Schering Pharma. Conducted induction program for the entire team including extensive training in medical and marketing aspects
Þ         Initiated the idea and brand plan for Glucobay + Metformin fixed dose combination which was appreciated by HQ and accepted for launch
Þ         Elevated to Group Product Manager in 2004 based on merit. One brand manager reported to me in the new role

In FDC limited (Product Manager)

Þ         Successful revival of old brand Zoxan (Ciprofloxacin) & Zoxan – TZ from INR 75 mio to INR 120 mio
Þ         Successful launch of new product ZO (Ofloxacin) & ZO – T which crossed INR 60 mio in first year of launch
Þ         Assisted the Marketing Manager during launch of Zifi (Cefixime) and Zathrin (Azithromycin)
Þ         Innovative in-clinic activities and campaigns to enhance brand image
Þ         Undertook periodic joint fieldwork with medical representatives to understand market needs.

Þ         Medico-marketing training sessions for field force on monthly basis 

His contact Details are follows.

Mobile: 9820855466

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