Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pharma Jobs unique Service from

If you are looking for a job in pharma industry we are happy to announce that we are providing a unique resume display service. Proudly display your resume over this website and get attention from bosses who are looking for candidates like you for their Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering sectors.

In Order to get attention from a pharma company for a job offers in their pharma company you need to send your resume to us by email to timesofpharma[@]

We recommend you to display your resume over this website where any one can see your resume, there are many benefits of this, you may get very good opportunity.

If you wish your resume to be displayed over this website we will ask you to confirm the request for displaying your resume over website by email provided in the resume.

After receiving confirmatory mail and confirmation through a call we will start displaying your resume in a selected category.

This service we will be providing free of cost, and this is just to serve to people who enrich the industry as our thim suggest.

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