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Eminent Doctor Dr R. R. Shinde

Dr R R Shinde and his selected peer-reviewed Publications
Dr. R.R Shinde   

Dr. R. R. Shinde
Professor & Head
Department of Community Medicine
Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital
Parel, Mumbai-400012.

List of selected peer-reviewed Publications:
1.    Impact of Modular training on Leadership Development in HIV/AIDS.  Reprinted in booklet: Enhancing Male Partnership in sexual and reproductive health – By Indian Council of Medical Research and WHO (Proceeding of the Internal Conference on Men as Partners in sexual and reproductive Health in 2005).
2.    Chief Editor / author, “Textbook of Public Health & Sanitation” published by All India Institute of Local Self Govt. India, 2005.
3.    Floods in Mumbai : Impact of Public Health services on hospital staff and medical students – Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Oct. - Dec. 2006 :52(4):312-4
4.    Street children of Mumbai : Demographic profile and substance abuse – International Journal Biomedical research, 2011  :  22(4) : 495-498
5.    Study of Sexual behavior of bar girls residing in an urban slum area of Mumbai – Indian journal of Community Medicine, Jan-March 2011, vol.36, Issue 1, Pg. 31-35
6.    A cross-sectional study of the socio-demographic profile of juveniles under institutional care in the city of Mumbai  -  International Journal of Family & Community Medicine, Aug 2011, Vol.18, Issue to page 87-90
7.    Published paper on “Developing Public-Private partnership model in Integrated Disease Surveillance Project for private medical practitioners in Mumbai” in Global Journal of Medicine & Public Health, vol.1, no. 6.2012
8.    “A study to evaluate prescribing indicators of prescription pattern practiced by Interns in an Urban Health Centre” in Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice, Vol.5, Oct. –Dec. 2012, Pg. 34- 41.
9.    Chapter on “Primary Health Care – reference to Developing countries” published in 2013, “Lyceum Publications, INC”, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
10.  Co-author of the book on “Health Profile of Juvenile under institutional care” published by Laplambert  Academic publishing, U.K. International Edition, ISBN-13 , 2013.
11.  “A cross sectional study to Assess Prescribing pattern of AYUSH Practitioners with respect to Allopathic Drugs and Rationality,” NHRM 2013; Vol.4(4) July – August eISSN:0975-9840 pISSN  : 2230-9969.
12.  “Compulsory Rural Service to be or not to be : Students’ Perspective”  Volume : 4 Issue :  7 , July 2014 ISSN-  2249-555X
13.  Study to access the health seeking behavior and health benefits the nursing staff of a tertiary care hospital – a cross sectional study public by International Journal of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences. 2014 Vol 1 Issue 3 E-ISSN: 2348-3229
14.  Cross sectional Study of Association of Mood Distribution in patient of Alcohol Dependence in a General Hospital a cross sectional study public by International Journal of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences. 2014 Vol 1 Issue 3 E-ISSN: 2348-3229

15.  Health and Nutritional status of children under 3 years of age in urban slums of Mumbai , India by Dr. Agrawal Nisha , Dr. Acharya Shrikala, Dr. Shinde Ratnendra Published in International Journal of Scientific Research ISSN No. 2277-8179  

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