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Eminent Doctor Dr. Ramlal P. Prajapati

Dr. Ramlal P. Prajapati

Dr. Ramlal P. Prajapati  

Associate Professor,
Department of Surgery and GI services.
KEM Hospital & Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai.

As the motto of our website suggest, we are showcasing here a very brilliant and talented one of very eminent doctor from India. Dr Ram Prajapati who is Associate Professor, at Department of Surgery and GI services. KEM Hospital & Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai, India.

Dr Ram Prajapati is a very down to earth and very simple yet very brilliant surgeon always ready to help others and take utmost care of patients. Dr Ram have also done his Observer Fellowship in HPB & LIVER TRANSPLANTATION at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical centre),Pennsylvania,USA.UPMC Liver Transplant Program of Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute is one of the oldest & largest transplantation program in the United States. Institutes founder Thomas E. Starzl, MD, PhD, who performed the world’s first successful Liver Transplantation. It has the greatest worldwide experience in Liver Transplantation.

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 1. M. B.B. S (1999), TN Medical College, Mumbai
2. M.S. (Master of surgery) (2004), Seth G. S. Medical College KEM Hospital Mumbai.
3. DNB (2007), National Board of Examinations.
4. MNAMS (Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences)

Additional Qualification:
1. FIAGES (Fellowship of Indian Association of Gastroendoscopic
2. FALS (Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery)

Academic awards:
1. University of Bombay price for 2nd rank in
Microbiology in II year MBBS.
2. Gold medalist in DNB (General Surgery)

Administrative experience:
1. Medical officer at rural hospital Mangal Vedha, district:
Sholapur 11/04/2000 to 30/03/ 2001
2. CMO at KEM Hospital 24/08/04 to 05/01/2005
3. Additional Incharge of EMS & TRAUMA SERVICES at KEM
1) Association of Surgeon of India (ASI)
2) Hernia society of India (HSI)
3) Indian Association of Gastroendoscopic Surgeons (IAGES)
4) Society of Gastroendoscopist of India (SGEI)
5) Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (IASG)

His skills are
1. Performing Basic & Advanced laparoscopic Surgery.  like lap. Cholecystectomy, lap.Appendicectomy and diagnostic lap ,Inguinal & Ventral hernias.
2. Also performing various GI Procedures laparoscopically like Gastrectomy, Hemicolectomy, HPB Surgeries, colorectal malignancies, Rectal Prolapse.
3. Performing Solid organ surgeries like Spleen, Adrenal, Renal laparoscopically.
4. Performing Emergency Abdominal surgeries laparoscopically like DU Perforation.

1. Jadhav SA, Atluri VS, Prajapati R, Satoskar RR. Leiomyosarcoma of Inferior Vena cava. JPGM2011;57:332-4
2. Vijay KA, Khajanchi M, Prajapati R et al. Hemosuccuspanreaticus: An Uncommon Presentation. Int J Health Sce Res.2013:3(3):72-74.
3. Manay P, Khajanchi M, Prajapati R, Satoskar RR(2014) Pedicledomental and split skin graft in the reconstruction of anterior abdominal wall. Int J Surg Case Rep 5:161-3.
4. Dandapat SK, Prajapati R, Khajanchi M, Satoskar RR(2014) Retrospective Study of Choledochal Cyst: Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment. Int J Sci and Research. ISSN(online): 2319-7064
5. Evaluation of Pain Preoperatively and Postoperatively in Patients with Chronic Pancreatitis Undergoing Longitudinal Pancreaticojejunostomy. K.R. Seetharam, Monty Khajanchi, Ram Prajapati, R.R. Satoskar. Indian J of Surgery (

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