Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First Case of Ebola Detected in India How to Prevent Ebola Infection Precautionary Measures.

India is not far from Ebola Virus attack, as we advocated earlier, India and its people need to be prepared any time to face and defeat Ebola Virus infection.

How to prevent spread of Ebola Virus:

Here are few very important  steps ebola infection can be avoided and washed away easily.
1) Whenever we go out in public one should not wipe face with hand.
2) Do not touch your eyes with hand.
3) Do not put your finger in nostrils.
4) Don't carve teeths with hand nails or stick.
5) Any activity that will allow foreign contaminants contact with our body fluid should be avoided as Ebola Virus spreads through following ways.

1) When it comes directly in contact with body fluids like tears, saliva, and blood, and through broken skin and bleeding injuries.
2) Through contact with sweet of infected person.
2) It can spread through mother's milk.
3) Ebola virus can spread through spoons and forks used by a positive patient, if they are not properly decontaminated by chemical or heating in hot boiling water for 15 mins.
4) Ebola virus may spread from mother to child in womb.
5) Use of Infected needles and syringes or surgical instruments.

Whenever you come back home from crowded places or from places like Airport or hospitals that might have contacted an object that might be harbouring Ebola virus contamination. 

Wash your hands with dilute freshly prepared solution of potassium permanganate, as it is very good microbicidal as well as virucidal, it should be used in very dilute concentrations and its contact with eye should be avoided as it is corrosive. Potassium Permanganate solution should be freshly prepared or it should not lose its pink colour.

There is no medicine available in India for treating Ebola infection,however it is found that antiretroviral drug lamivudine have given good result when it was used by a doctor in Liberia it could save life of two patients

Therefore a similar strategy must be adapted in event of a challenge, we will like to recommend that Azidothymidine along with Lamivudine or 5-Fluorouracil alone should be tried in treatment of Ebola virus infection, there will be no harm but if at all some lives would be saved.

As AZT inhibit Thymidine nucleotide incorporation in DNA which is crucial step in virus replication while 5-Fluorouracil inhibit synthesis of RNA which will help in inhibition of synthesis of viral proteins. Above drugs need to be combined rationally might help in increasing rate of survival of patient, If this treatment is given in early stage of infection before patient develops hemorrhagic conditions.

Opinion about success of Lamivudine against Ebola virus was very rightly was expressed by Dr YK Hameid the chairman of Cipla Limited to Ms Kiran Muzumdar Shaw and was twitted by Biotechnology expert and owner of Biocon in her twitte.

Other treatment available is drug ZMapp which has proved to be life saving while treating Ebola Patients at Nebraska Hospital USA  this drug a combination of monoclonal antibodies.



 Very Important Information about Ebola:-- http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/hcp/procedures-for-ppe.html

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