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Dr Chirag Jain Imminent Surgeon

Dr Chirag Jain

Dr Chirag Jain MBBS DNB General Sugery.
Dr Chirag Jain was receintly awarded  Jewel of India By Indian Solidarity Council on 26th may 2015  for his outstanding service in medicine by treating patients from poorest to poor section which often find difficult to get quality and offordable medical care, including life saving sergeries.

Rescently he started Inji Labs a initiative to provide quality and offordable medical treatment, where in he is involved in providing, diagnosis, tests, and day care to patitents which is offordable to poorest to poorest section of society.

Dr Chirag Jain is a Imminent  Surgeon he has performed over 50000 sergeries, of which one includ the famous gunshot sergery which saved life of a person bulet shot in abdomen.

His vison is "To Provide Quality Health Care To Every Section of The Society Ranging From The Poorest Of The Poor To The Richest ….. To Every Nook And Corner Of The Country From Villages To Metros ….No Person In This Country Should Die Due To Lack Of Medical Care Or Lack Of Finances ….Want To Set Up More Units Like This And Encourage My Colleagues To Cater To The Millions Of Indian Population Who Die Because Of Inadequate Health care”

Dr Chirag Jain's  on Article on NON FUNCTIONING ADRENOCORTICAL CARCINOMA  is Published International Journal Of Surgery Which Was Appreciated Both Nationally And Internationally.

Dr Chirag Jain is available at following adress:
417 ,Chandralok B Bldg ,
12 Manav Mandir Road ,Walkeshwar, Mumbai 400 006.
Tel-23612868 .Mobile-9819668777


·         MBBS-Terna Medical College Navi Mumbai
·         DNB General Surgery In K.G Hospital Coimbatore
·         Worked With Sir H.N Hospital For 1 Year
·         Started JIAA CLINIC In The Year 2009
·         Started INJI LABS In The Year 2011

·         Laproscopic surgery like Appendicectomy,Cholecystectomy and LAVH
·         Breast Cancer Surgery
·         Emergency surgeries mainly abdominal
·         Minor surgical procedure mainly ear lobe repair
·         Day care treatment from  minor to major medical treatment for infectious disease
·         Part Of A Team Which Underwent A Marathon Surgery Famous Gunshot Wounds In Intra Abdominal Wounds (Attached News Paper Cutting)
·         Article Published International Journal Of Surgery  on NON FUNCTIONING ADRENOCORTICAL CARCINOMA Which Was Appreciated Both Nationally And Internationally
·         Done More Than  50000 Minor Surgeries In The Centre Until Now
·         Started Inji Labs a complete day care centre since last 5 years
·         Nominated and to be awarded by jewel of India By Indian Solidarity Council on 26th may 2015

Inji Labs Diagnostic Wing
·         Inji Labs started a crusade against diabetes in Mumbai.
·         Having organized free camps where more than 1 lakh people have been screened and diagnosed about 20000 new patients....
·         Free camps have been organized for other disease so that people who delay their treatment due to  lack of finance or knowledge get  quick and complete diagnosis
·         Free camps during outbreak of dengue and malaria in Mumbai
Inji Labs Surgical Centre
·         Dr.Chirag Jain has done more than 50000  minor surgeries
·         More than 10000 free minor surgeries for the underprivileged.
·         All kind of surgical emergencies are managed in Inji Labs ,the ones which are complicated are referred to higher centres
Inji Labs Day Care Centre
·         Most of the cases which can be treated on OPD basis are dealt with
·         Cases which require admissions are treated on Daycare basis like Malaria,Pneumonia,Dengue,Chemotherapy are treated on OPD basis..this greatly reduces the cost of treatment  to the patient
·         Cases which are not manageable in the Daycare centre are referred further
The whole idea of creating “ Inji Labs – Day Care ,Surgical Centre And Diagnostic Centre” is a small effort to nullify  the rampant  Physician –Consultant nexus And Exorbitant Corporate Hospital Charges.
·         All this is bypassed and the benefit is directly passed to the patient especially in uncomplicated cases.Only cases which cannot be managed in the centre are referred to higher centres.
·         Inji Labs caters to the needs of masses who cannot afford to go to hospital or for  minor surgical procedures.
·         These are  managed as Daycare making them cost effective and prevents unnecessary delay due to financial constraints

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