Saturday, July 18, 2015

Type 1 diabetes diagnostic test

Test to diagnose type 1 diabetes:
In patients suffering with type 1 diabetes there is complete lack of insulin or if at all insulin is produced it is very little not sufficient to remove glucose from blood.

This is caused by autoimmune diseases, in type 1 diabetes patients, an autoimmune antibody is present, this antibody is called ZnT8Ab, now new test is available which precisely detect the presence of ZnT8Ab antibody and a patient can be precisely diagnosed for type of diabetes which will facilitate line of therapy inorder to prevent further complications like kidney failure and glaucoma. Type 1 diabetes patient is required to inject Insulin throughout his life in order to prevent from further complications delay in decision may harm patient. A quick decision on starting insulin therapy can be taken once type of diabetes is established, this can be done by finding the presence of ZnT8Ab antibodies in patient’s blood, and this is done by ELISA technique called as KRONUS ZnT8Ab ELISA Assay.

Diabetes is caused when body tissue is not able to transport blood glucose in to body tissue and metabolize it as per the need of body and make use for body of body tissue, amino acids proteins and fat. The process of glucose mobilization is regulated by hormone insulin.

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