Saturday, July 18, 2015

Which food lower cholesterol which food to avoid

Food that lower cholesterol and food to be avoided to keep your cholesterol level low:

Eating habit and lower physical activity is responsible for increased level of cholesterol, along with disturbed fat metabolism, if cholesterol level is not controlled in time it may develop in to serious health conditions like coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and brain stroke.

Incorporating following food in your breakfast meal, and dinner will help you to control cholesterol level to 5 to 6 %

Oats. Consist of soluble fiber which help in lowering cholesterol intake from other food by lowering hunger. One bowel of oatmeal will help you.

Beans : Barley and other whole grains Eggplant and okra Nuts

Use sunflower oil for cooking.
White fibrous portion of orange fruit and the cover of apple consist of pectin a type of fiber help in lowering cholesterol intake.

Soybean, eating soybean every day can help in reducing cholesterol level at least by 5%

Which food should be avoided in case of higher cholesterol level?
Don’t eat: Egg yolk, meat, don't drink much of milk, a glassful a day is ok. Coconut and palm oil, etc.
Artificially hydrogenated oils, (Trans fats) should be avoided.

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