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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Why Doctors and Nurses are getting Novel Corona 19 infection? Here are tricks which can save lives

Many doctors and healthcare professionals were found infected with SARS-CoV-2 and it is very scary to see doctors are getting infection while treating COVID 19 patients.

Therefore following guideline should be adapted by doctors and healthcare professionals to keep themselves safe even in highly critical environment like hospitals and clinics along with use of PPE isolation suits etc.

What Doctors and Nurses are required to do to protect themselves while working in a highly critical environment in hospitals and clinics to understand this one must know which are antimicrobial agents and antiviral agents which kills Novel Corona Virus 19 with 100% efficacy ? 

Following antimicrobial agents can be relied for 100% elimination of novel corona virus for providing complete elimination Novel Corona Virus contamination.

1) Iodine Creams or Solutions containing Iodine 
2) Aqueous Solutions Containing Free Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite solutions) 
3) Hydrogen Peroxide solution.

Above three antimicrobial agents can be relied on for 100% decontamination of novel corona virus from body as well as from infected articles.

Methods that protect very efficiently from novel corona Virus.

A) Occlusion of critical body parts and then use nose masks and protective gowning.

B) Decontaminate patients bed, clothing with Sodium Hypochlorite solution.

     Decontaminate critical places contact parts articles with Sodium Hypochlorite solution.

C) Frequently wash hands under running water and keep hands swabbed with Povidone Iodine Ointment.

A) Occlusion of critical body parts.
Doctors and Healthcare Professionals should use Occlusive Ointments while working in hospital. How to make a protective occlusive layer on critical body part for prevention of infection ? 

Swab hand palm, back side of hand, lips, and inner side of nostrils with Povidone Iodine Ointment. This will work as a protective shield against novel corona virus 19, Doctors must keep their hands always swabbed with Povidone Iodine Ointment.

If Povidone Iodine Ointment is not available, use Povidone Iodine Solution, wet your lips, nostrils from inside and palms and backside of palms with it.

There are many brands available in market use following strengths.
1) Povidone Iodine ointment available Iodine 0.5%w/w 
2) Iodine Solutions with available Iodine 0.5%w/v

B) Decontaminate patients bed, clothing with Sodium Hypochlorite solution. 

Decontaminate flooring and wall by spraying or swabbing with Sodium Hypochlorite solution 
OR with 5 to 10% solution of bleaching powder in water two times in a day and in between spray Hydrogen peroxide dilute solution critical places.

Decontaminate Handrails, Lift keys, Computer keys, Common places with frequent spraying of sodium hypchlorite solution or solution of bleaching powder 5 to 10 %

C) Wash hands frequently and then apply Povidone Iodine Ointment or solution over them. 

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