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Tuesday, June 9, 2020


·       Lets we all citizens of Indian kick out Corona Virus out of our country.
·       So let’s do it !!!   Join mission to eradicate Corona pandemic
·       All must follow this technique and save your life and join mission to eradicate Corona pandemic.
·       If this method is followed Corona will be eradicated and your life will be protected from Corona Infection.
·       India will be first Country to end this pandemic. And teach lesson to country which intentionally spread this all over the world.
Technique to Adapt is simple.
Corona virus makes way in our body through hand, and nose and then inside our lungs.
So, lets cut the chain of infection process.
Every one of us is taking care of open hands by disinfecting hands with sanitizers. This is OK fine! continue this.
But what one should do if the Corona virus come on your hand or goes inside the nose, since the masks used do not prevent viral particles passage through its filter media.
We will be applying novel technique to break the infection chain.
How?  When ever we are going to travel through public transport, working in public place, using common toilet going in mall, working in a crowded office.
Apply any one cream mentioned below over your palm, on dorsal surface of your palm, take aliquot cream and apply inside the nose and spread cream inside nose with finger, and now you can go out in public places and work in crowd without fear.
1.     Povidone Iodine 5.0% cream
2.     Silver Nitrate 0.2 % Cream
3.     Silver sulphadizine 1.0% Cream
Novel corona Virus Particle will never survive on these cream, silver ions, and Iodine instantaneously kills virus and protect you from novel corona virus infection.
Do gargles with Povidone Iodine 5.0% Gargle liquid.
Patient with thyroid disorder, high BP, Heart Disease should not use Povidone Iodine cream for more than one time, they should use Silver sulphadiazine and silver nitrate cream. These creams are safe and can be used for longer time, they can do gargles with Povidone Iodine 5.0% Gargle liquid.
Let us follow this and break the chain of novel corona 19 Infection.
Police personals and Doctors working in COVID19 patients ward must follow this technique.

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