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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Which disinfectant should be used to prevent spread of Novel Corona Virus in Malls and Cinema Halls?

Which disinfectant is recommended to prevent Novel Corona Virus spread in Shopping Malls and Cinema Halls?

Arial decontamination procedure, is very important aspect in preventive measure to be taken for highly crowded places like Cinema Halls, Shopping Malls, ect.

Viruster Medical  a Arial decontaminating product is developed by Khushboo Beauty Care, India, a WHO GMP certified company with a unique novel technology of combining silver ions with hydrogen peroxide molecule, the combination is considered best for arial decontamination of large areas like Hospital rooms, Cinema Halls, Shopping Malls.

The product contains silver ion combined with hydrogen peroxide, this formulation is very effective in decontaminating Arial viral contaminant.

A silver ion combined with hydrogen peroxide in special chemical technology is developed by qualified technical team.

Viruster Medical in concentration of 20 % v/v dissolved in water is very good virucidal and bactericidal, when this liquid is fumigated in a room it is capable of producing environment that is required by sterile drug manufacturing, greater degree of  bacterial or viral load achievement is possible. Which help in prevention of SARS-COV-2 spread in community.

This type of disinfectant was required to be used in pharmaceutical companies, since pharmaceutical microbial load control is very stringent, and now days due to COVID 19 situation too need have such kind of disinfectant solution in order to protect one from getting covid19 infection in places like malls and cinema halls.

Silver in the disinfectant is very potent virucidal, hence when it is sprayed in air it deposits on surface and prevents or kills all sorts of viruses and bacteria.

Hydrogen peroxide in the product reacts fast with viruses and bacterial contaminants  in combination with silver ion, the beauty of this product is that this also help in removing a peculiar smell developed due to sweat and exhalation of air by people in the cinema hall.

At the end of the fumigation decontamination procedure, cinema hall and shopping malls are free from any noval corona virus seeds if any adhering to wall and articles.

Such type of disinfectant is recommended in high risk areas of COVID19, as well as highly crowded areas, to prevent areal contamination of Corona Virus, SARS-COV-2.

After fumigation in three to 4 hours the smell and its residues vanishes, it does not leave behind any kind of residue since hydrogen peroxide droplets convert into water and get evaporated. Silver Ions are in very micro concentration and still are highly effective the combination is very deadly for viruses.


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