Sunday, January 16, 2022

Early treatment of COVID 19 positive patients with Bromohexin reduces risk of ICU admission mechanical intubation in COVID 19 patients increase survival rate with greater extent.

There are very few medicines available for treatment of COVID 19 patients, during treatment of SARS-COV-2 patients it was observed by doctors and scientists that patients who were treated with early dosage of Bromohexine 8 mg thrice a day with Bromohexine Hydrochloride Containing Cough Syrups or Tablets 8 mg Thrice a day have rendered the patients protected form spreading of the virus in lungs also untoward effect of viral infection in the lungs was controlled to the extent that patients were not required to admit in Intensive Care Units, also patients were not required to provide mechanical ventilation, or intubation.

COVID 19 patients develop thik mucus in the lungs and in cavities which lodges virus and protect virus from actions of antiviral medicines, by hindering the molecule form reaching to the point of viral particles.
Also the stress is put on the lungs to expel the thick mucus by coughing action is reduced thereby reducing the damage to the lungs.
Bromohexine Hydrochloride

Bromohexine Hydrochloride liquify thick mucus and it is expelled easily by patients, with just coughing action, which intern protect lungs from adverse effects of virus on lungs.
Also Other combination drugs Bromohexine Ambroxol as well as Guefenesine are mucolytic drug's these help in mucolytic and hydrolytic action on viral particles as well.

Mode of action of Bromohexine : Bromohexine increase lysosomal secretion in lungs brings about hydrolysis of mucopolysaccharide, which intern also may be acting on viral particle as well.

While opoidal drugs which are used in Cough Syrup must be avoided it is found that opoidal drug have increased the replication and growth of SARS-COV-2 virus which in turn is life-threatening. Such Cough Syrups medicines must be Avoided.

And early treatment with Bromohexin containg cough syrup or Tablet helps to recover without admission in to ICU, and mechanical ventilation.

1) BROMOHEXIN Early treatment prevents instances of ICU admissions and Mechanical Ventilation, Intubation.

2) Mode of action of Bromhexine Hydrochloride:

What must be avoided, the opoidal drugs increase mortality in COVID 19 patients.

Authored by 

Bhimrao Waghmare 
B Pharma. 

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