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Knee Joint Pain managmet

 Knee joint:

Knee joint is the joint between thigh bone (femur ) and bone below knee ( tibia) and fibula and knee cap (patella) , the knee joint is protected with a cap like bone called as patella which is joined to upper thigh bone and lower tibia with tendons , femur and tibia is held in place by attachments of ligaments and tendons, as shown in figure.

Both upper and lower bones don not come in contact with each other rather the are covered with protective layers of tissues called as menisci, disc like structures of soft and slippery tissue lines surface of the joint. Both upper and lower bones are then placed in to fluid containing sacs known as articular capsule, which hold the upper and lower bone.

Knee is susceptible for injuries and development of osteoarthritis as it holds weight of entire body .

Knee joint is filled with thin elastic tissue which covers bones which form joint and which are likely to slide against each other, (hyaline cartilage and fibrous cartilage) Cartilage allow free sliding of bones under high pressure protecting bones from friction, this cartilage has limited life and as age progresses the

Knee joint pain: is caused due to trauma , sports sprain and misalignment , and degenerative diseases and arthritis listed are some reasons why one get knee pain:

1) Injuries to ligaments holding knee joint bones

2) Torn cartilage (damage to menisci ) , symptoms ; swelling and pain on standing and after putting pressure. This occur due forcefully rotated or bent to knee associated with sports.

3) Hemarthrosis bleeding inside knee due to injury.

4) Strain in muscles.

Knee pain associated with diseases:

Gout , osteoarthritis, inflammation and tumor may be responsible for pain in joint .

Deep vain thrombosis is a condition where in a clot is responsible for swelling and occlusion of blood flow, leading to painful condition. there vascular diseases where blood flow is hampered rendering tissue damage may cause pain in knee if the aria affected with the disease is over knee region.

In chondromalacia patellae is caused by soft cartilage under knee cap bone , it is caused due irritation of the undersurface.

Fractures in the bones which are joint in knee(femur, tibia , patella ) is also responsible for knee pain .

Treatment for knee pain:

Treatment for Knee pain depends up on the condition :

If the knee pain is due to injuries to ligaments and tendons surgical repair is done, in case of old age related degenerative loss of synovial fluid in the softness of cartilage tissue , complete knee replacement surgery is done, in beginning of knee joint pain some drugs which hamper degenerative process and stop inflammatory process as that in gout are given.

Some nutritional supplements like Chondroitin (Chondroitin sulfate) glucosamine along with minerals supplements are considered for protecting further degenerative process in knee pain and for osteoarthritis

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