Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Muscle cramp what is the reason

Why I get body pain and muscle cramp ?

Body pain is associated with several factors
1. weakness
1. low hemoglobin
2.calcium deficiency
3.Life style with low physical activity
4.Renal problem
5.Increased level of cholesterol
7.Over working , or excess work out , or excess physical work.
8.Decreased sleep in night, or insomnia
9.Infection, systemic infection
10 Radiation therapy
11.Earlier damaged muscle may start paining if it get stimuli again.
12.Joint pain.

These are some of the reasons because of which one may persistently get bodyache all over the body and feel always tired and feel weakness in ones body.

Muscle cramps are related to muscular weekness, and also to lower calcium level.
Calcium is responsible for muscle contraction and then its relaxation , when ever there is low calcium in our body the muscle contraction may become irregular and a tetany a tonic contraction occur which is painful , and seases up or little jerks and excersize, but to get rid of recuurent muscle cramps the underlying cause must be investigated, complete blood report and serum calcium level will be helful in diagnosis of reason for muscle cramps.

Eating egg, milk , and meat , help in building back calcium and other essential mineral level back in our body.
One must take a balanced and high calcium diet in case of muscular weekness. 

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