Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Is it true that Capsicum has pain relief property

Capsicum is not a pain killer, but the oleo resin in capsicum which is also called capsaicin is when used in topical preparations in very little concentration along with other topical drugs like diclofenac it provides relief from pain faster. The mechanism of action by which it acts as a painkiller is its counterirritant action.  Capsaicin is a very potent irritant, when it is in direct contact with tissue, it gives a burning sensation and sometimes can cause conditions like superficial burns over skin tissue.

In pharmaceutical topical dosage form some painkiller preparations consist of very less amount of capsaicin which in combination with nonsteroidal anti inflammatory agent acts as analgesic and brings relief of pain, capsaicin blocs the perception of pain under the deep tissue and lowers the sensation of pain by increasing the intensity of superficial pain perception by its counterirritant action.  

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