Board of Honorary Advisors

                                        Medical & Technical Advisory Board 

1) Eminent Doctors/ Surgeons

1) Dr. Ramlal Prajapati 
(Associate Professor,Department of Surgery and GI services.
KEM Hospital & Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai. ) 
Dr. Ramlal P. Prajapati  

Associate Professor,
Department of Surgery and GI services.
KEM Hospital & Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai.

3) Dr Balaji Satpute (M.S)

Dr Balaji B Satpute MS (Orthopaedic)

Read More About  Dr Balaji Satpute

Dr Chirag Jain

Dr Chirag Jain MBBS DNB General Sugery.

Dr Chirag Jain was recently awarded  Jewel of India By Indian Solidarity Council on 26th may 2015  for his outstanding service in medicine by treating patients from poorest to poor section which often find difficult to get quality and affordable medical care, including life saving surgeries.
He is also Authored a book " What a Come Back"  on Neuroplasticity and Human behavior.

Read More About Dr.Chirag Jain.

2) Food and Drug Administration Personnel, Drug Regulatory Agency India.

Mr. Nilesh Mohanlal Gandhi
Ex-Assistant Commissioner at Maharashtra state, FDA
Authored of  the Popular Book on " Drug and Cosmetics Act 1940" 

Read More about Mr. Nilesh Gandhi.

2)Microbiology and Biopharmaceuticals Pharma Research/ Pharmacy Teacher

                                  Dr Tim Sandle

Dr. Tim Sandle is a chartered biologist and holds a first class honours degree in Applied Biology; a Masters degree in education; and has a doctorate from Keele University, U.K.

Read More about Dr.Tim Sandle

Dr.Rajesh Balkrishnan, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Public Health,
University of Michigan.

As our tag line of this portal “Moment and Time that affect the lives of Pharma Industry its professionals and Pharmacist. we are dedicating this page of our website In the honor of Dr. Rajesh Balakrishnan for his eminent contributions and extraordinary achievements in pharma field.

Dr. Rajesh completed his B.Pharma from Bombay Collage of Pharmacy and received undergraduate training in pharmaceutical sciences and information technology before completing his doctoral studies in health policy and health services research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

For more information about Dr Rajesh Balkrishnan please visit

Mr. Kuldip Amre. M.Pharm. (Bombay college of Pharmacy)
Director & Registered Pharmacist

eMedicineGalaxy Pvt. Ltd

  Dr. R. R. Shinde MD. 
Dr. R.R Shinde  MD,  

Professor & Head
Department of Community Medicine
Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital
Parel, Mumbai-400012.

Read More about .Dr R R Shinde.
A) Qualification, Books authored and academic academic posts and positions held .

B) List of selected peer reviewed publications

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